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RespectUs are the experts in export control compliance, currently developing an online platform to manage export control compliance requirements in a fully automated process. We work with exporters of sensitive goods, their suppliers and banks. We are also working with export control compliance officers to whom we are providing easier tools to do product classification, customer screening, end-use checks and license determination.

To help our customers to find qualified talents for export control jobs, we are adding to our services a job portal entirely focussed on  this niche jobs. 

Employers may post their jobs and candidates may build their own candidate profile and apply to the position they'd like to cover.

The entire job portal is FREE of charge for the initial 3 months period (until 15 September 2022).

My job as a trade compliance professional

... is to protect my colleagues and my company from breaches. It's to protect our and others military technology. All while allowing and assisting commercial success.

I'm just a sheepdog. And if I get it wrong, even one time, the price is too high. So while the compliments and glamour job approaches are lovely and definitely reward me, I don't ever want to lose focus on what I do. 

Being a trade compliance professional means constant vigilance, constant study, constant innovation, and humility. It's about service.

As one of my police bosses used to say, you can go from rooster to feather duster really fast.

Lisa Morrow, Trade Compliance, ITAR & Weapons/Explosives Licensing- 17/06/2022

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